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I started Anfuso Law, P.C. because I saw the need for quality criminal defense in Oregon. Being charged with a crime can be a frightening and frustrating experience. The possibility of jail time, hefty fines, and the loss of driving privileges or professional licenses can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life. If you’re charged with a crime, having an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will make all the difference. I take the time to get to know my clients, understand the issues they’re facing, and work with them to craft a strategy to move forward.

In and out of court I aggressively defend individuals charged with crimes in Oregon because I know how important it is to avoid a criminal conviction. I also understand the pressure that even minor charges cause on an individual’s life. That’s why I’m dedicated to effectively and thoroughly preserving your rights to the fullest extent of the law. With an aggressive and committed lawyer, your charges can be reduced or even dropped entirely in a timely manner.

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Why you need an experienced trial attorney on your side.

The presentation of your case in court can be the difference between being found guilty or not guilty. When your freedom is on the line, you need an experienced attorney on your side. I have represented hundreds of Oregonians charged with crimes and I don’t back down from a fight. I understand that every case is different, that’s why I am dedicated to offering unique, creative, and effective criminal defense to each and every person I represent. Because of the serious nature of most criminal cases, it is critical to consult with an attorney who understands the law and how it impacts your particular case.

Looking for a lawyer in your criminal case in Oregon?

Let me help you with your case starting with your arraignment. At your first court appearance bail and other release issues are decided, which is an essential part of your case. Seek guidance prior to appearing in court to ensure that your freedom is protected. If you have been arrested, contact me today. I offer a FREE Consultation during which I talk to you about your case and inform you about the law and potential consequences your case presents so do not hesitate to call. Call today: 503-946-3646.

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