Criminal Defense Attorney Ryan Anfuso

Client Reviews

“Ryan is simply the best attorney I’ve ever had, I’ve had a few 🙂 Me nor my family or friends will hire a different attorney as long as he practices law.”

“Last year I was attacked by a Multnomah county sheriff while getting gas. (WTF?!!!! He was literally looking for an fight as he left his car being fueled and stood cross armed eyeballing my bike scowling looking for an infraction after I was fueling myself). Long story short I was beatin to an inch of my life minutes later- they hit me with the most insane charges I’d ever heard of at first it was looking like potentially over 10 years incarceration. And no one even thought I’d be able to bail out to fight the case- except two people my brother and the attorney my brother found- Ryan Anfuso! Not only did they get me bailed out to fight the case they had me out in 5 days and I was able to continue working as well as being able to fight this ridiculous trumped up bogus case put on me after being jumped from behind by this power hangry disgrace to the badge. It is what it is though, and thankfully Ryan was in my corner and after knowing we were ready to fight for justice all the way they offered a deal I couldn’t refuse cause what they offered for me to plea on… I actually did. So fair enough I’ll take the community service and bench probation for giving the officer my brothers name….( I didn’t have a moto endorsement, bro did. 🤷🏻‍♂️) I deserve that. But the charges that could have lead to prison time Ryan was right there all the way when I needed to discuss the case and help understanding how this could even be happening- he was always there. Always listened and was straight up and fierce with the points he believed we stood ground on. I hope the next time I see Ryan it’s for a bbq or something fun- but I know if ever those pesky porkers come with choke holds and guns drawn again there’s no one other than Ryan Anfuso that’ll I’ll be seeing! Oh and my brother too of course! Sincerely, Thank you Ryan. From me and everyone in my life, thank you. Oh dont wanna forget Sophia Ryan’s secretary. Super sweet and always helpful! (Easy on the eyes too😉) Thank you too sophia! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Anfuso law. Thank you a million!”

“Anfuso Law is dedicated, motivated, creative, and at the end of the day leaves you well-informed, and with a plan of action in place. I would highly recommend Ryan. I trust his judgement fully, and have full faith that his representation is with his client’s best interests in mind, I know it was with mine.”

“Ryan is fast, thorough and incredibly hard working. I went to him at the lowest point of my life and he was kind and straight to the point. I never wanted to need a lawyer, but I won’t be using anyone else but Ryan in the future.”

“Ryan Anfuso genuinely cares. He’s professional, confident, experienced, and most importantly sincere. He came highly recommended to me by a variety of attorneys I’d consulted with, while searching for someone to represent me in a domestic violence case, and I’m extremely grateful for having retained his services. For over three months, Ryan Anfuso guided me through the legal process and I cannot say enough, how much his knowledge of the law, and his tenacity for bringing my case to the best possible conclusion, was a comfort. He held my hand each step of the way and was always on top of my case. It’s difficult to describe, and unfortunately, you may have to find yourself in a similar situation to experience what I’m talking about, but he’s the real deal, he works extremely hard. He has a keen legal mind and he doesn’t like to lose. He knows the law and he is fearless. During our consultations, I listened as he dissected my case and gave me the ins and outs of how the law worked and what I could expect if certain things happened. These conversations were how I was able to stay positive and retain my perspective through this incredibly stressful time. The reason I’m able to write this review and resume my life is because of Ryan Anfuso. ~ Thank you Ryan.”

“Ryan is not only a great attorney, but also a genuine and caring man! I am disabled and he defended my in a DUI case when I was pulled over after work and bullied. I was so frightened and angry! He fought for me and the jury found me innocent in less than 45 minutes! He’s impressive to watch in court – cool and strong! He shows no fear and easily uncovers “errors” leaning in the prosecution’s favor during law enforcement testimony. That would have been enough for most attorney’s but it wasn’t for Ryan! My birthday was a few days later, and he dropped me a card at my work! He went above and beyond for me!

“At first I didn’t want to post this on the internet but screw it – I’m not ashamed of where I am today. I was facing jail time for a charge of Driving While Revoked. The charge was in the Beaverton Municipal Court. I also was on a 5-year probation in Washington County for driving while revoked. (And the judge Kiersten Thompson stated that if I did it again she would make sure I went to county jail for the max – a year). So my case seemed entirely hopeless. I knew I was headed for a cell.

I searched and searched for the best criminal defense lawyer I could find. I called a couple offices and the lawyers that heard my case flat out refused to take my case! I was shocked. I even tried to solve the case myself by calling DMV and after finally getting to a supervisor in the Driver Suspensions Unit he said to me, “Forget it – you’ll never drive again.”

I turned to Google and found Ryan. I called and he invited me in for a consulting session to hear my case. After hearing it he said that though the deck seemed stacked against me, he was optimistic that he could help.

I was skeptical and scared. Not knowing much about the criminal justice system the initial fee was hard to part with, but Ryan was 100% honest and told me that he can not guarantee anything except for the fact that he will fight for me. I really appreciated his integrity.

After I retained Ryan as my attorney he got right to work. I still felt scared at first, because I had been suspended for 12 years and truly believed there was no hope of staying out of jail.

But then as time went on I KNEW I had made the right decision. Ryan was able to open doors that I never though possible.

So – after about a 5 month process Ryan and I stood in front of the judge, and his exact words were, “Mr. Guthridge, it is with great pleasure that this court dismiss your case today. You’re free to go.” I am a licensed driver today. I was able to freely drive away from the courthouse! Ryan truly did the impossible for me, and for that I am so thankful. I will never forget the second chance that I feel he gave to me and I know that even if we went down, I had the right partner fighting for me.

Highly recommend. Although I have vowed to do everything I can to never be a defendant again, I know who I will call if I do.”

“Talk about someone you felt would take a bullet for you. Ryan is very professional. The minute you walk into the room he has your back and goes to bat right away for you. I was so happy to be pointed in the best possible direction as to find someone as tenacious as Ryan to represent me. My only regret is that I can’t add more stars to this.

“In the past I have met/worked with 5 different lawyers. The very first thing I noticed about Ryan is that he took your business seriously and he didn’t ask what was in your bank account. I appreciated that a lot! Ryan is very passionate about his work, he’s straight forward, breaks things down for you, has excellent resources, keeps you informed, professional, personable, confident, replies/responds in a very timely manner (another thing I really appreciated), is very very knowledgeable and if he doesn’t know he will find a way to find out for you. He won my case and it took the jury maybe 5 minutes to come to a decision; that’s impressive! After the case, no charge, he met with me to give me information about small claiming the opposing party. He works for your business so he is worth every penny… And then some. Thanks Ryan, you literally saved my life!”

“My husband & I employed Ryan Anfuso’s services earlier this year for a criminal matter, after a horrible experience & releasing counsel with a larger Portland-based law firm. From the first conversation, we knew that Ryan was a caring & compassionate individual who was extremely well versed in Oregon Law. He not only went above & beyond to make sure that we had a wonderful client/attorney experience, but through his tenacity & superior legal skills, made sure that we were successful in the outcome of the case. We are so thankful that we found him when we did. Had we remained with the previous firm, we are certain that this case would not have had a happy ending. Thank you so very much, Ryan, for all of your hard work & dedication! If anyone is in need of a superior attorney, who not only respects his clients to the utmost, but is 100% dedicated to ensure that you get the best representation possible, then we highly recommend Anfuso Law, P.C.”

“When going through traumatic situations, inexperienced individuals (regarding law) seeking help need the advise of an attorney who is trustworthy, empathetic and professional. Ryan counsels and guides to keep on point with the pertinent issues. He demonstrates his compassion through his demeanor which is always welcoming. Very important! He makes you feel like you’ve gained a friend, and you have!! Ryan is all encompassing.”

“Ryan was a great help when it came to my DUII case. From the free consultation phone call all the way through my court appearance, Ryan made me feel prepared and at ease about many of the concerns I had. He really went above and beyond for me, and it made all the difference.

“Ryan was very straightforward and explained how the process worked. Compared to other lawyers, I appreciated that he didn’t nickel and dime me to death. After the case was over he continued to be friendly and helpful when I had follow-up questions.”

“Mr. Anfuso was very knowledgeable and handled my legal issues quickly and with aplomb. His rates are reasonable, and frankly a bargain for someone with his skill set.

“Our daughter in Oregon was involved in a potential felony situation involving her ex-husband. She was very frightened and unsure about what to do. Her mother and I live in Virginia and while phone calls help they can not solve complex legal issues. … Ryan was patient in working with our daughter and communicated very well with me over the phone and by email. His understanding of the law and the court proceedings proved to be the winning formula as our daughter was defended with honesty and emotional sensitivity…the outcome was most pleasing to all of us. Ryan truly was working in our daughter’s best interest and was most sensitive to her fears…he handled her very well…not just lawyer jargon or here is the worst case scenario so better be prepared…no, Ryan was positive and honest and communicated the numerous options and possible outcomes very well so we had a good idea of what the court would decide and this helped us make the necessary decisions about pleadings. He presented the case to the judge and DA and pleaded eloquently as to her motives and concerns….which helped very much.”

Peer Reviews

“Ryan is a passionate and aggressive attorney who doesn’t back down from a fight. Attorneys and clients both respect him and his skills. I absolutely endorse him.” Amy Margolis, Attorney

“What can I say about Ryan? Smart. Tenacious. Doesn’t miss a trick. Knows up to date changes in the law. I met Ryan as a fellow attorney and was immediately impressed with his knowledge of Oregon law. If I had a friend or family member in need of Oregon representation, I would send them to Ryan first off. Do yourself or your loved one a favor. Do the same.” Quinn Posner, Attorney

“I have known Ryan for over six years and have great respect for his legal work. He is an accomplished criminal defense attorney who I would recommend to my closest friends and family.Risa Davis, Attorney

“Ryan is a creative, caring, and tenacious lawyer. He always has great ideas about how to craft a winning defense which is why I consult with him whenever I have the opportunity.” Pete Castleberry, Attorney

“Ryan Anfuso is a good lawyer. If you find yourself charged with a crime, I would recommend giving Ryan Anfuso a call. I know from personal experience that Ryan works hard for his clients, and is an experienced Oregon trial attorney.Rhett Fraser, Attorney

“Mr. Anfuso is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who tenaciously represents his clients and is not afraid of a trial. He has the knowledge and skills necessary to defend your Oregon criminal charges. I highly recommend Mr. Anfuso.” Todd Huegli, Attorney

“I’m thrilled to see Mr. Anfuso open his own practice. I have had the opportunity to observe him in court thoughout his career and he is the person you want on your team.” ” Sarah Tuthill, Attorney

“Ryan is a really good guy and a great attorney. Clients can count on him to obtain the best possible result.Gabe Biello, Attorney


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