Expungement of PCS felony conviction after 3 years – Oregon

The Oregon Legislature has made several key changes to the expungment statute (ORS 137.225) this legislative session. Oregon Senate Bill 908 amends the current law to allow a person convicted of a felony for possession of a Schedule 1 controlled substance (i.e. Heroin, Marijuana, etc.) to expunge the record of that conviction after three years rather than 20. Recognizing that a felony conviction has many negative collateral consequences that make it more difficult to get housing and impair one’s ability to gain employment, this change will help many people who have a single conviction for a felony drug offense put that conviction behind them and move on.

If you have a PCS Felony conviction contact my office today and speak to an experienced Oregon expungement attorney to see if you are eligible to expunge your conviction.

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  1. Daniel Luke Reply

    Suppose someone has a Class A felony? Can that ever be expunged? And what is expungement, anyway? I mean, I know generally but was wondering if you could provide more detail so I might know if it’s worth the expense and bother. Thanks.

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